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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 30, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PST

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can say, it's raining right. let's get to paul deanno ine >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> finally, for the first time in seven weeks we can say it is raining right now. let's get to paul in the weather center. >> it has been a very long time since we have seen this which is widespread rainfall which will envelop the entire bay area. here it comes. those areas are vallejo, vacaville, napa valley. we are looking at concord, pleasant hill, alamo, and out toward the delta. antioch, pittsburgh. it is raining no. we will show you the wide perspective to show you the
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action is just getting started. plenty more moisture to the north. so rain in the bay area and the south bay. tomorrow morning it will be a sloppy commute. the first soggy one we have dealt with. and so some parts of the north sierra, our snow pack will double. two feet of new snowfall and they need it. 12 to 18 inches likely. lake tahoe gets half a foot of new snowfall and boy do we need it. on the left is what the sierra should look like. that is last year. this year, the picture on the right, nothing. but that is going to change. maria medina is in the blue canyon. >> reporter: at the lower elevations we are starting to see rain. cal tran says they have a 300 member crew on standby to hit i- 80 and highway 50 once the
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first snow flakes hit the ground here at the lower elevations. though we have had a lot of rain in the sierra, it will have a small impact on the drought. we need three to four storm to bring in significant rainfall to catch up. at this point, this storm making about a 4% impact on this drought. in blue canyon, maria medina, kpix5. >> she is right. seize communities could be out of water. only on 5, we just heard from the governor and joe vasquez says he is ready to do something drastic. joe? >> reporter: for the first time, he is talking about the development of a statewide drought plan. he is looking into transporting water into areas of california that are drying up. >> make no mistake, this is a megadrought. it is serious, we don't know how long it will go on, but we have to take real precaughts
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going forward. >> reporter: governor jerry brown after a speaking engagement in beverly hill spoke to our sister station kcbs tonight about the growing urgency of the drought and the federal support. >> the president called me today. he offered to do whatever he can do. now, obviously, he can't make it rain. >> reporter: the governor says it may be time to prepare for water transfers. the shifting of water from areas with plenty of it to parts of the state already out. >> parts of california more privileged in water availability. we have systems, we can transfer it. but there are a lot of rules so we have to cut through that and make sure those who need it most get the water to the extent we have i available. >> how long do you think it will take for you and the state people to cut through the red tape and move the water? >> that is a good question. i'm meeting with some water officials tomorrow. i will be going to sacramento
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and meeting with officials there. so, as quickly as we can, we will make it happen. >> reporter: the governor has already asked all of us to voluntarily reduce water usage by 20%. he may make it mandatory if the drought continues. joe vasquez, kpix5. tonight, an afterschool counselor is under arrest for allegedly selling pot to middle schoolers. betty yu is in san jose tonight. >> reporter: the website says they hire employees with the highest integrity and the program is designed to help students become responsible adults but one of their own did just the opposite. edward diaz was in charge of tutoring and mentoring kids in an afterschool program called think together. now he is learning a thing or two behind bars. the 20-year-old is busted for selling marijuana to two middle school students.
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>> i used to think he was cool. now he made a wrong decision. >> reporter: an eighth grader javier will have to find more else to study. just this morning, he turned in paper work to join the afterschool program which has a contract with the san jose district. >> i'm not sure we want him in the program. >> reporter: diaz did pass two federal background checks before passing marijuana to two students. the district said after they were caught with pot, they gave up his name and he then admitted to it. >> he has no business being here. not around these young kids. are you kidding me? these guys are so impressionable. no way. >> it is very unsettling that parents allow these children to go to their programs for help and the people they were poses to trust provide them with drugs. >> reporter: with his mom's permission, we spoke to sam friedman. >> it is the wrong thing to do
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to minorsful it is one thing to other adults but to minors it is a whole other level. >> reporter: diaz is facing one count of selling marijuana to a minor and one count of contributing to the delichen city of a minor. they are investigating if this was an isolated incident and looking into whether others were involved. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. one of the san jose twins arrested in a deadly stabbing at a birthday party has been released. ductrung huynh tong is charged with murder. the oakland teen suspected of killing his own sister in a dispute over laundry turned himself in today. surveillance cameras caught the 14-year-old running from the family's china town apartment last week. 17-year-old justice toliver was found shot to death inside.
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a cousin told police her brother was mad at her her bleaching his clothes. oakland mayor says violence in the city is dropping but a popular youth organization tells christin ayers not so fast. >> reporter: five days before justice toliver was killed. another young person was killed. the deaths havelet the teens here reeling. >> they are thinking about death all the time. >> reporter: while the kidding were still mourning, another shooting happened. someone fired shots at children on the playground here at youth uprising. nobody was hurt but the whole building was put into lock down. i questioned the mayor about the number of young people murdered in 2013. >> what is oakland iceland to address young children being killed? >> we plan to continue a cease
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fire until we call them the most violent people in the city. >> reporter: here is what her spokesman told us tonight. >> some of the efforts we took on with the community last year saw oakland have its second largest drop in homicides in 40 years. >> reporter: but what is true for the city has not been true for this swath of east oakland. >> though we have had an overall drop, we have not had the corresponding drop this this community. >> reporter: since 2011, one in five homicides have happened within a mile of youth uprising and there were up to three shootings a day. >> we need to do more work in east oakland. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. >> youth uprising will hold a memorial for lamar. they also reached out to the toliver family. a final absolute to tom
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smith. he was shot by a fellow officer last week leaving behind a wife and a daughter. law enforcement turned up from all over the country to show their support. >> i have family, i have a daughter around her age. and it is tough. >> detective michael maes shot smith. maes did not attend the funeral, we are told he wanted the focus to stay on smith and his family. a santa clara county officer is known for housing known criminals. juan coreo was arrested. they are thinking he was on drug at the time of his arrest. look at this. a deputy helped a denver inmate escape from jail. it was all caught on camera. the deputy is seen rolling from trash into an elevator. the inmate follows him. he says the deputy gave him a
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guard's uniform. he then, was able to walk right out the door to freedom. get this, the inmate says it was the deputy's idea. >> put this stuff on. you know, when i walk out. i went in my room and shut my door. the inmates are looking at me like what is going on? just going with the flow, you know? >> the deputy is caught and facing six years in prison himself. the inmate says the deputy thought he would get half a million dollars for plotting the escape. a neighbor called the smell "ungodly." >> and this is how a group of reporters responded to a shocking discovery in a home. >> reporter: this video shows what they called deplorable conditions inside a home on fernwood drive. >> police. we have a search warrant. >> reporter: animal control officers wearing masks and
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protective suits discovered filthy rooms with boxes stacked high full of live snakes. >> most of them have not eaten in a while. various stages of dying and dead. >> reporter: they also discovered 24 snake carcasses and skins and 45 mice and rats running around. they arrested the homeowner 53- year-old william buckman on animal cruelty charges while he was on his way to work. he is a teacher at mariner elementary school. neighbors have been complaining about the foul odor for months. >> we cannot open the windows because the smell gets in. >> reporter: they thought it was the trash piled up on the side of the house at first. >> i'm pregnant. it was getting worse and worse. we have been calling the police because at the beginning we thought someone was dead. >> reporter: now neighbors are breathe ago little easier. >> thank goodness it is taken
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care of. >> reporter: from santa ana, serene branson, kpix5. one guy said it looked like a zombie apocalypse. the same thing would probably happen to us if it snowed here. >> what the the feds are promising to do to solve one of the biggest challenges with autistic kids. >> and so many people wanted to adopt this puppy rescued from the trash, the,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for hours.. along icy, atlaa interstates. b-s reporter mark st >> well there is your average gridlock, then there is this. cars stranded bumper to bumper for hours along the atlanta interstates. the surprising winter storm that brought life to a halt in the deep south. >> reporter: drivers along many of the south's busiest highways spent most of wednesday finishing tuesday's commute. a rare winter snow brought several inches of snow and brought ice and snow to the gulf coast to the mid atlantic. highways froze and so did the traffic. salt and sand trucks could not treat the roadways. this gentleman's truck was stuck more than 30 hours. >> we are just not prepared for this weather. >> even with the best of forecasting, i don't think anyone could have predicted
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this was going to have the magnitude within the short window of time in which it occurred. >> reporter: here atlanta traffic is moving again. the focus is on's icy highways were so many people are trying to get home had to ride out the storm. drivers who made it off the road slept in whatever warm place they could find and more than 10,000 stranded students spent the night in schools. >> i was like, if i don't get home to my parents, i will freak out. >> reporter: classes and government officers will remain closed on thursday when drivers will begin to retrieve their abandoned cars. >> and the icy roads were so dangerous, this baby girl was born on the side of the interstate. her name, grace. as in by the grace of god. some people are calling it the superbowl of security. police are watching the waterways, tsa agents are sweeping through train stations, if you look up at the
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sky, you will see surveillance missions being flown over metlife stadium. alienia is left is for the team to play the game on sunday. >> the feds have come up with a plan to solve one of autism's biggest challenges. how to keep kids from wandering away. the justice department will fund voluntary gps tracking devices for at risk kids. another device exists for alzheimers patients. it was prompted by the disappearance of a new york city teen. the 14-year-old was found dead three months after he wandered away from school. well, a little puppy nearly left for dead is about to start a whole new life. >> gem was rescued five weeks ago. what a makeover. and now, joe vasquez tells us, she is getting a new home. >> she is going to make a fantastic companion. >> reporter: she is only about four months old, but this sweet little puppy has been through the wringer. last month, workers discovered
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her on a conveyor belt at the bump after someone tossed her into the recycling. they nicknamed her gem as in diamond in the rough. she was in bat shape with bite marks and leg props but after surgery and some tender loving care, they decided it is time for her to be in a loving home. of the 250 people across the country who wanted to adopt her. it was an employee who won the puppy. >> she had a letter support saying they would have an opportunity to visit with her. her supervisor said she would be able to bring her to work so this is a pretty nice ending. >> so you didn't win the lottery. you are not going home with gem, but the folks here at animal control want you to know there is plenty more where this came from. >> plenty of jewels out there. gem is going to a wonderful home. we want to see more wonderful outcomes,. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. >> well gem's new mom will pick
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her up at a news conference tomorrow. >> i think joe has a new friend there. >> oh yes. it is hard to let her go. >> cute dog. like i said, so many more just waiting for that right now. >> absolutely. we have rain. >> we have been waiting for the rain. >> forget about waiting so log. let's live in the now. rainfall. how about this? san francisco, vallejo, look at all that beautiful green. petaluma, you are getting the rain. concord, walnut creek. a line from san francisco over to san ramon. you are getting rainfall all the way through friday morning. berkeley hills. emeryville getting that rainfall right now. beautiful shot from the top of stro tower looking down. we have the clouds an the rain now encroaching on the city.
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we need it. since july 1, just 2.1 inches of rainfall in san francisco. normal is 13.3. even if you are bad at math, those numbers are very far apart from each other. we need a lot of rain to catch up. not all at once. we have time to make it up, but we need to do it soon. low pressure passed by the pacific northwest this morning bring l the showers this morning. that is gone. now there is a new area of low pressure to the west shoving all of this stuff down to the south. that is good because for so long, the storm missed us to the north. not this time. this time, we will get the rainfall. we will get the front, we will get a soggy thursday. it will slow you down tomorrow. get up early to get to work. we all forgot how to drive in the rain. we have to tomorrow. long range now what happens after the storm is gone? after friday, the ridge is coming back, but two good signs. not as strong, not guilty as close. so the window closes for rainfall for several days but i am hoping it opens up. how much rainfall? up to a half an inch in the
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east day. a quarter inch in the south bay and in the north bay, perhaps up to three quarters of an inch of rainfall. rain begins tonight. the rain is likely all the way through friday morning. the steadiest rainfall will be when you wake up tomorrow. highs tomorrow, umer 50s . 58 in san francisco. san jose, 59. palo alto, 58. wet in pittsburgh. 58 degrees and 57 in middle valley tomorrow. rain moves out friday morning. partly sunny in the afternoon. weekend is dry. first half of next week is also dry. so let's enjoy the rain that is falling tonight and tomorrow. >> cool. >> we will, thank you paul. well justin bieber is in trouble again. why the president will have to why the president will have to we,,,,,,,,,,
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from a fight inside a limo last month. someone punched the driver in the back of the head several times. >> the white house could weigh in soon on the status of his green card. up to 173,000 have signed a petition on white demanding his deportation. >> call me. we will figure it out. we will work it out. >> i got to go to the break. >> up ahead, a family of seahawks fans certainly showed their love. and the top college basketball and the top college basketball team in t,,,,
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this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing ranked team at home since 1988... that team was arizona....tonight, would li >> san ford hasn't beaten a top ranked team at home since 1988. that game was arizona. tonight? would lightning strike twice? aaron gone aaron gordon was back. josh houston nailing the three. they led the top ranked team in the country by seven. they went into the deep freeze over eight-and-a-half minutes. nick johnson, no mercy. shot from long range with the lead. stanford had one last shot. jason randall had a good look at it. no. arizona hangs on. 60-57 to stay unbeaten at 21/0.
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justin cobb's lay up. the bears take the lead. they led 21 seconds left. and jermaine marshall buried the three. sun devils put it on ice. raptors are full in edmonton with the sharks. justin schultz put it between the pipes. 1-0. sharks a franchise record, 59 shots, all of them saved by goalie ben scrivens. they lose 3-0. seahawks running back marshawn lynch. he stars tonight's top five. >> i'm here, man. i got to play. >> before santa clara, shots down at the buzzer by sam dower
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and gonzaga escapes by two. 54-52. number three, here is how you handle a photo bomb. get them in the man zone! jim cantor extending the knee. bicycle kit to beat stoops. that's a thing of beauty. and number one, the fans in seattle are known as the 12th man. the man family and the great northwest named their new baby girl cyndee leigh 12th mann. apparently it's a big hit. along as they live in the seattle washington area. don't move. stay in seattle. >> we have several kids at home that are 10 and six and now they want 12th as their middle name, too. [ laughter ] >> oh no. she says it all. mama and daddy are doing just fine. >> i wonder if she will
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appreciate that game at 16. >> you stay in seattle? hey, 12th man. ,,y. for ovnights can feel califolong and lonely.dren, i miss my sister. i miss my old school.
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our next newscast is tomorr >> letterman is next with drew breeze. >> we will see you tomorrow morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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